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Every two years, InPro, a manufacturer and provider of interior and exterior architectural products, honors one Outstanding Supplier at their bi-annual Supplier Conference.

"More than 50 suppliers were reviewed for quality, delivery and technological advancements, and we chose Dane Manufacturing," expresses Glenn R. Kennedy, Executive Vice President, Plant Operations, InPro. "We appreciate Dane Manufacturing's commitment to continuous improvement, as well as their willingness to go above and beyond in innovation and technical support. Their diverse manufacturing capabilities, combined with advanced processes, have made Dane Manufacturing both a valued partner and an integral part of our supplier base."
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 In 2013 named again

      ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Quality . . . Customer Centric Systems

In 2006, management and leadership at Dane decided that in order to keep pace with their double digit growth, better systems and more controls were needed.  That began the process of the development of the Quality Management Systems which were completed in 2010 with ISO 9001:2008 Certification. 

All operations set-ups and descriptions are contained in our JobOps software system so that operations are done consistently across the work force. All time is recorded and bar coded against each operation so operations never get missed – you can’t move the part to the next operation unless time has been recorded against the one before it. The system won't allow a product to be shipped that has missed an operation.

Cross Training
We spend an inordinate amount of time cross training our employee base – Dane has put a large emphasis on cross training and dedicates 2 to 3% of all direct labor hours in training. We maintain a cross training matrix so as the business moves forward all the supervisors and managers know what employees are trained and at what level proficiency they are at. There are 3 levels of cross training proficiency. First you’ve been trained, second you are trained and are capable of setting up, and third you are trained and capable of setting up and now you are an expert and are capable of training others

Internal Scrap Metric and corrective action follow ups
Dane prides itself at running at world class levels and last year ran at 0.25% of sales on internal scrap, world class is below a half a percent. All internal scrap items are reviewed monthly by the management team and short term and long term corrective actions are put in place to prevent the problem from happening again.

External Returns Metric and corrective action/continuous improvement
Every external return has the process where we send the customer a RMA (return material authorization).  When the product is returned, it’s put in the hold area, we then do a management review of it, all the operators along with production supervisors along with managers get together and review the product for the issue that it was returned for. External returns are analyzed and corrective actions put in place. Dane has less than 0.1% of sales on external returns.

Our combined, internal and external rejection rate is 0.35% of sales which is world class.

Net Promoter Score . . . Dane conducts face to face customer surveys
Net Promoter is the worldwide standard for organizations to measure, understand and improve their customer experience. Net Promoter is a powerful management philosophy: both a loyalty metric and a discipline for using customer feedback to help companies and every employee understand and be accountable for how they engage with their customers Dane uses Net Promoter Score - with the best promoter score at 99 and world class at 70, Dane's Net Promoter Score last year was 72.