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Dane Manufacturing Adds Third Shift Paint Team

Our customers love our in-house powder coating paint capabilities. Added in 2019, our
class A paint line, utilizes top of the line equipment, and precisely controlled processes
to deliver premium quality and an efficient operation to our customers.

Now, we are pleased to announce the expansion of our capabilities with the addition of
a third shift to our powder coating team. This strategic expansion aims to better meet
the growing demand for our high-quality, durable finishes and to enhance the overall
customer experience.

This expansion will significantly increase our production volume, resulting in shorter
lead times, more flexible scheduling, and overall improved efficiency, ensuring our
customers’ projects stay on track.

By providing 40 hours of additional production time per week, we can easily meet our customers’ requested lead times. Our third shift will be strategically deployed to service specific customer accounts which will allow our first and second shifts more time to service other customers with a multitude of colors.

Mike Westphal - Production Supervisor

Quality assurance remains a driving force at Dane Manufacturing and will continue with
the addition of this new shift. Seven new employees have joined our team and will
undergo extensive quality training, ensuring they are well-versed in our detailed
processes. Our thorough training and tightly monitored processes will ensure that our
products consistently meet the highest standards of quality, regardless of the shift
during which they are produced.

Have questions about powder coating or other capabilities that we offer? Contact us.