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Why Dane
Metal Manufacturing You Can Trust
Performance is part of our DNA. In fact, its been part of Dane Manufacturing for over 100 years. We’re committed to serving our customers with operational excellence and demanding quality processes backed by ISO 9001:2015 standards. The result is the best metal solution around.
Our People, Your Team
When you partner with Dane, you get the full attention of our team. We serve our customers with integrity, intense attention to detail to get every part right and an innovative mindset to solve any of your complex challenges.
Technology For Your Complex Projects
Your projects demand excellence every step of the way. Our state-of-the-art smart factory leverages the latest in technology to put the highest quality machinery, automated manufacturing, and streamlined operations at your finger tips.
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Client Testimonials

“I wish all of our suppliers were like Dane. I think of them as an extension of our company”

“Dane is always willing to help- they are masters of understanding our business and all aspects of our needs.”

“Dane is consistently trying to improve how they serve customers and further build their relationship with us.”

“Dane understands my needs, which is what a good partner is all about.”

“Dane has forward looking strategies and continually looks at how they will expand their capabilities and grow.”

“Dane goes above and beyond in their service and support. They’re really good about asking questions and understanding my projects.”

“They share the same values as us – they’re very customer-oriented.”

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