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Podcast: The Dane Manufacturing Story

In November 2022, Dane Manufacturing CEO Troy Berg joined the's Masters in Small Business M&A Podcast to discuss Dane Manufacturing's history and rapid growth story as a metal solutions provider.

In the early 2000s, Troy and his family acquired Dane Manufacturing, an 85 year old manufacturing company with a good reputation for quality products. Through an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to innovate and grow, Troy and Dane Manufacturing experienced several years of rapid change.  Now, after moving into a new facility with over 400,000 square feet of space and acquiring new cutting edge technology, Troy looks forward to future opportunities to grow, to continue investing in his employees, and to bring Dane Manufacturing's metal solutions to new customers.

In this podcast Troy joins Peter Lehrman at for a candid conversation looking at Dane Manufacturing's growth story.  


  • Hear Dane Manufacturing's origin story including how Troy's Mom gave him her life savings to help him buy the company
  • Starting fast: Solving customer’s problems and growing from $1M to $6M in the first 5 years
  • Hear Troy reveal lessons he learned as a leader that were limiting Dane Manufacturing's potential
  • Goal Setting in 2015: A 3X growth plan in 3 years (Read More Here)
  • Dealing with the pandemic while still growing a business
  • The outlook for the future - after increasing capacity and facility space, Dane Manufacturing is free to explore opportunities in organic growth and through M&A.

This podcast was conducted by Peter Lehrman at  If you'd like to see the original article and podcast, you can find it here: The Making of Dane Manufacturing, a 21st Century American Manufacturing Growth Story