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How Selecting The Right Employees Gives Us an Edge

At Dane Manufacturing, we pride ourselves in delivering premium performance end-to-end metal fabrication services to our customers.  But for us, its about more than the metal.  It’s about our customer’s experiences, our ability to serve them and being a partner they can trust.

We embed this into our culture but delivering on this commitment starts with our people. We believe that our strongest asset is our employees, who impact every interaction, experience and the outgoing product that our customers receive.

Building a workforce that creates such a strong advantage starts with selecting the right employees.  We look for energetic, hard workers and believe that the quality of our employees, and their continued development, is the key to our success. We look for specific characteristics in our employees and then invest in them regularly.  The payoff?  Efficient processes and an innovative and energetic workforce ready to meet our customers needs and do whatever it takes.

Finding The Right People

Finding the right people can sometimes be a challenge.  Fortunately, our community and the surrounding areas provide us a good supply of candidates.  We look for the candidates who will value and appreciate our culture and mission and look for these 10 characteristics.

Honesty is a non-negotiable for us.  In fact, one of our core values is acting with integrity.  We look for employees who uphold this core value and know that it is critical to being a company our customers can trust.

We hold each other accountable and do what we say we are going to do.  This is a reflection of our culture at Dane Manufacturing and we constantly do our best to live up to this standard with each other, and with our customers.  

Things can sometimes move quickly around here!  We look for employees who are energetic and eager to be part of our team so that we can adapt, change and improve rapidly.

At Dane Manufacturing, we’re chasing big goals.  Whether it is one of our growth strategies, or an investment into our current capabilities, we never stop chasing improvement.  We need employees who are driven and highly motivated to succeed.

We have high expectations and look for employees who are eager and not afraid of taking on new challenges. 

We believe that the people around us have value.  Whether it is a customer, a coworker or a member of our Waunakee community, we expect our employees to be respectful and considerate to all.

We value employees with a solution-oriented mindset and expect our people to overcome challenging situations and obstacles.

In a fast-paced environment our employees are asked to work diligently and prioritize each day so that we are effective and efficient at getting the right things done well.

Our team members need to be ready for the challenge and confident in themselves. 

Yep.  Slightly crazy is ok.  Crazy enough to believe that we can accomplish impossible things through hard work and teamwork.

That may seem like quite a list, but each one is important. When employees possess these qualities, they are more likely to go above and beyond in their work, consistently delivering high-quality results, and they’ll be dedicated to getting things done on-time.

Investing in Our Employees

Of course, it’s about more than just hiring the right employees.  We focus on taking good care of them once they are here.  We want our employees to continue to develop, grow and be challenged. We offer continuing education programs, in-house learning programs and regularly invest in employee perks and incentives, appreciation events and more.  Why does it matter?  We believe that the success of our business and our ability to treat our customers to the service and products they deserve depend on the satisfaction, well-being and enrichment of our employees.  

Our commitment to selecting the right employees and investing in them regularly is part of our vision to be the premier metal fabricator in the region and to continue providing premium products with over 98% on-time delivery. We want our customers to know that they are highly valued, and we aim to be a trusted member of their team. 

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