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Parts Leveling

Optimum leveling results and excellent efficiency

The Peak Performer part leveling machine (from KOHLER) reliably and precisely levels and relieves stress from sheets and part blanks. Your downstream production processes benefit from higher quality leveled parts and sheets, as there's no need for time-consuming, manual rework.


Product highlights:

  • Servo-electronic machine concept without hydraulics
  • Electromechanical leveling gap control (patented)
  • Advanced cleaning system
  • Reversible leveling rollers (patented)
  • Innovative control system
  • Predictive maintenance

(KOHLER's) part leveling machines have no hydraulic systems whatsoever, which means that coupled with their excellent energy efficiency, they play an active role in saving resources in industrial sheet metal processing. KOHLER is breaking new ground and confirming its position as the market leader with its use of direct drives and electromechanical leveling gap control in hydraulic-free part leveling machines.

Peak Performer part leveling machines level sheets that are 0.2 to 65 mm thick.


Quality-focused industrial companies from a wide range of industries, such as those listed below, rely on part leveling machines from KOHLER.

  • Automotive engineering
  • Construction and agricultural machinery
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Steel service centers
  • Housing construction


Precise and efficient leveling

The hydraulic-free Peak Performer part leveling machine with electromechanical leveling gap control confirms KOHLER's position as the leader in leveling technology and market leader for the sector, and provides Dane Manufacturing the ability to level parts for our customers throughout the Midwest. 


Part Leveling Machines for Light Laser and Stamped Parts

Typical applications: laser job shop, equipment manufacturing, electronics industry, aviation, automotive, precious metal processors, and custom applications

Precision leveling of small and medium-size parts. Excellent leveling results are achieved through the use of small leveling roller diameters, optimum roller spacing, and extra-wide supporting rollers. This capability ensures that Dane Manufacturing can provide unmatched manufacturing services for our customers. 


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Versatile machine for sheets up to 16 mm thick.



It precisely and reliably levels all conventional materials thanks to its patented leveling gap control.

Unmatched control 

The servo electronic machine concept operates entirely without hydraulics.

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Contract Manufacturing

Dane's customers count on us to self-perform everything associated with their production, including cutting, bending, welding, painting, assembly, packaging, and fulfillment of their products, minimizing the potential for supply-chain disruptions and a layering of cost, all while increasing the accountability for quality. 

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Powder Coating

To better serve the growing needs of our customer base, Dane Manufacturing invested in a world-class powder coat paint line system, and focused on what was most economically & environmentally sustainable to meet the requirements of our customers but also the expectations of our communities.  

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Pack & Ship

Unlike most contract manufacturers in the upper Midwest, Dane Manufacturing has end-to-end capabilities to serve customer needs without a reliance on third parties for service. The addition of packaging and shipping services ensures we can continue to provide high quality, high pay manufacturing jobs that have positive impacts in the community. 

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