Our team can produce a wide range of simple and complex parts precisely and cost-effectively for our customers. Top-of-the-line automated panel bending machinery improves productivity and versatility by deploying universal bending tools that adapt instantly to the panel's geometry, permitting either batch-one or kit productions with no need for machine downtime or manual re-tooling. Our trained staff, refined processes and automation capabilities result in quality parts, and a more effective production schedule.



Industry leading TruBend 7030 delivers a wide range of parts while operating extremely efficiently. Fully automated processes maximize throughput while maintaining robust quality standards.


Our skilled engineering teams and top of the line equipment deliver a wide range of products in fully automated operations. The result is efficient product schedules and a 98% on-time delivery our customers count on. 

From Our Customers

"Dane Manufacturing is very innovative and supportive during the product design phase, which improves part quality and enables us to meet launch deadlines."

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