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Automated Punching


MultiTool - A Punching Evolution


The MultiTool is particularly strong when it comes to processing sheet metal parts with a variety of small punching operations and large lot sizes. It integrates up to ten different punches and dies in one tool and therefore, ensures short setup and tool change times. Typical applications are varying small holes such as circles of different diameters, squares or rectangles, as well as different embossed figures, such as letters or the numbers from 0 to 9. In addition to standard geometries, numerous special geometries are also possible.


How Punching Machines Work

Automated punching machines (from TRUMPF) enable you to process a diverse range of parts with flexibility. In addition to punching, the machines provide the option to form sheet metal parts or to integrate a thread – all on one machine. The punching head can turn the tool to any angular position. This minimizes setup times and increases your productivity. Innovative developments such as the active and descending die guarantee the best part quality. Intelligent automation options relieve the operator and increase throughput.


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1,600 Strokes/Min

Punch quickly and mark parts with 2,800 strokes/min: The TruPunch 5000 sets new standards for productivity.


Production Capacity

Three Trumpf punches that run 24 hours per day, 5 days a week by Dane Manufacturing's team of highly qualified and skilled operators.


Automated Productivity 

From material handling to tool automation – the machine will do everything for you.

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Contract Manufacturing

Dane's customers count on us to self-perform everything associated with their production, including cutting, bending, welding, painting, assembly, packaging, and fulfillment of their products, minimizing the potential for supply-chain disruptions and a layering of cost, all while increasing the accountability for quality. 

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Powder Coating

To better serve the growing needs of our customer base, Dane Manufacturing invested in a world-class powder coat paint line system, and focused on what was most economically & environmentally sustainable to meet the requirements of our customers but also the expectations of our communities.  

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Pack & Ship

Unlike most contract manufacturers in the upper Midwest, Dane Manufacturing has end-to-end capabilities to serve customer needs without a reliance on third parties for service. The addition of packaging and shipping services ensures we can continue to provide high quality, high pay manufacturing jobs that have positive impacts in the community. 

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Dane Manufacturing Blog

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